HF600 Presentation Area-imaging Scanner

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 87.4mm×98.2mm×170mm
Weight: 340g

Input Voltage:
5 VDC ± 0.5 V
Operating Power: 2W (400mA @5V)(typical)
Standby Power: 0.45W (90mA @5V) (typical)
DC Power Supply: Class2:5.2VDC @1A
Certification: China RoHS

Operating Temperature:
0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
Humidity: 0% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Light Levels: 100,000LUX
Drop: Designed to withstand 1 m drop

Scanning Performance
Light Source:
Visible diode 610 to 620nm
Beeper: 3 intensity levels high medium and low
Visual Indicators: Steady White and Blue = ready to scan; Flashing Blue = good read
Host System Interfaces: USB RS232 Serial KBW
Scan Pattern: Presentation scan; mobile scan
Print Contrast: 35% minimum reflectance difference
Tilt Pitch Skew: 60°, 60°, 70°
Decode Capability: ReadsREAD_2D,1D